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Walk the Moon's penchant for blurring the edges between indie rock, club jams and pure pop takes a deliciously sloppy turn on What If Nothing. The result is a richly produced album that's self-consciously proud of it sprawling versatility. The Ohioans swerve back and forth between nervous jams bursting with mega-blasting drums and raking guitars ("Headphones"), U2-inspired anthems layered in the band's infectiously dancing harmonies ("One Foot") and love songs for robots smeared in Auto-Tune ("Sound of Awakening"). As if to reward listeners for joining them on this whirlwind tour, the band end with "Lost in the Wild," an ode to good times and living life to the fullest that brims with Walk the Moon's trademark enthusiasm and feet-shuffling pulse.

Informazioni sull'album


Informazioni sull'album

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