Where Does This Door Go (Deluxe Edition) di Mayer Hawthorne


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Etichetta: Universal Records
With the oddly named Where Does This Door Go, Mayer Hawthorne evolves from retro-smart crooner to blue-eyed pop tunesmith. It's a logical progression, though with titles like "Wine Glass Woman" and "Corsican Rose" some won't take him seriously, especially now that he sounds more like Bruno Mars and Darryl Hall than Smokey Robinson. They should. He may come on like a gawky junior salesman too nice to be the second coming of Steely Dan, but he's a sharp writer, and his best songs, like "The Stars Are Ours," "Allie Jones" and "Back Seat Lover," hum smoothly with good-natured charm.

Informazioni sull'album


Informazioni sull'album

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