Tough Love di Jessie Ware


Tough Love

Jessie Ware

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Etichetta: Universal-Island Records Ltd.
The South London alto once again conjures her own quiet storm on this second outing, as downtempo as 2012'sDevotion, yet with new flashes of sunshine peeking through. Production team BenZel deploy gentle touches --distant guitar echoes and percolating beats, sweet soul choruses and airy disco, all while the queen of serene murmurs soft regrets to fellow wee small hours types. Even Ware's darkest lines come sealed with a kiss: "Keep on lying to me, darling,""Say you love me... to my face." A lean and moody pop gloss on adult contemporary, and a fine showcase for those exquisite pipes.

Informazioni sull'album


Informazioni sull'album

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